An original is a work of art that is one of a kind. It can be created in any medium. The value of an original is attributed to its uniqueness and rarity.
A print is a reproduction created from or of an original work of art. A print can be made traditionally through printmaking techniques that allow the artist to make multiple impressions of a work. Among these techniques are Serigraphs, Etchings, and Linoleum Cuts. These one of a kind multiples are also known as "original prints". Prints can also be made with modern printing technology. These printing processes incude 4/color process printing, digital printing, and offset lithography.
Also called a silkscreen is an original print that is produced by running ink through a screen that has blocked and unblocked areas. Ink passes through open areas of the screen creating an image. A serigraph can be comprised of one to any number of colors. These fine art prints are produced in editions of 200 or less.
A process whereby a metal plate is coated with a ground. An image is then drawn onto the plate with a stylus. Once the drawing is completed the metal plate is placed into a bath of acid and the image is etched into the metal. The plate is inked and paper is then placed on the plate and rolled under a press leaving an impression of the image
on the paper.
Linoleum Cut
Also called lino cut is a relief printmaking process. A drawing is made on the surface of the linoleum. Areas are cut away from the linoleum with a gouging tool. The raised areas that are left are covered with ink. Paper is then placed on the inked linoleum and pressure is applied to the surface transferring the image to the paper.
Limited Edition
A term that applies to a series or set of prints in which the number of prints is predetermined. Limited Editions are made in quantities of 200 or less.
Edition Size
Indicates the number of prints in a series or set of prints. The lower the edition size the higher the value of the work.
Certificate of Authenticity
A document that is issued for Limited Editions. It contains information about the prints including name, date /year of creation, edition size, and medium.
A work of art that bears the actual signature of the artist. Works that are signed are attributed a higher value because it authenticates the authorship of a work.
A work of art that does not have the artist's actual signature.